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About Us

Years ago, buying clothing was a major task to accomplish. It wasn’t just about having the money to buy merchandise, it was also about knowing who and where to purchase clothing from. The internet has opened a whole new paradigm of retail fashion allowing shop owners to virtually travel anywhere around the world just by punching in the website address of apparel and boutique.

Being in the clothing industry, we took it upon ourselves to establish loyal relationships and network everlasting connections with top apparel and fashion manufacturers. Our years of digging in the right places to find the most premier wholesale fashion allow us to bring to you our golden nuggets of women’s fashion clothing. No more do you have to search around the globe to find the best fashion designs to sell in your store. We do all of the work, so you don’t have to!

Here at Europa Fashions, we work very hard to bring you the best prices. We believe that everybody should dress with style. Fashion should be at a price everybody can afford which is why we keep our profit margins super low.

You see, we are very selective in what we sell. We don’t just stack our inventory with countless items of ugly and pretty apparel like most others do. We guarantee high-quality pieces that have seen us establish a long list of loyal customers. 

Love My Fashions Ltd T/A Europa Fashions
93 Buckingham St,
B19, 3JB,
United Kingdom

: +44 7445 569 695