The Festival Checklist

by Sales EF on June 14, 2018



The advent of festivals this summer, whether you’re there to appreciate the dulcet tones, party with pals, or relax in the sunny haze, gives us all an excuse to stay up to date with the latest fashions, so we’re looking and feeling our best at every event. The dizzy rise in popularity of festivals gives you the chance to attend to customers’ fashion needs and wants this summer, and Europa Fashions has every base covered, with our extensive range of subtle or bold, well-tailored or loose and light, pieces to suit everyone this summer.


The Cotton Crochet Flute Sleeve Dress, for example, is the perfect addition to your store’s Spring Summer collection - made from cotton and with a plain design with crochet on the flute sleeves, it makes a statement from many other current tops on the market. Providing a wide range of tops, blouses, cardigans, trousers and statement looks to your customers this season for the onslaught of festivals this summer is essential, so we’ve come up with a handy selection of some of our best pieces guaranteed to suit the fast-moving and ever-changing fashion needs of your customers.


First up on what should be on your festival checklist this Spring Summer 2018 season, to stay up to date with up and coming trends whilst also embracing the functionality and practicality every customer desires, is our Plain Dyed Sequin Detail Top, available in a range of colours from ochre to teal or even coral. This sequin tunic top will add some sparkle to your store this season and is perfect for those festival-goers seeking a little panache and verve to a boho look favoured by celebrity fashion icons this summer. Only this April, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, in an epicentre of fashion, California, paved the way for the key fashion looks to hit the festival season this summer, giving stores like yours a chance to prepare and provide your customers with every piece to complete their festival wardrobe. It’s no wonder that the internet crowned Hollywood actress Vanessa Hudgens as ‘Queen of Coachella’, as her take on bohemian summer vibes have created a model of style for all festival goers across the globe this summer. A few of her looks at the Spring 2018 festival included off-the-shoulder tops paired with floaty summer maxi skirts, often debuting bold colours for a truly original look. You need look no further than Europa Fashions for an extensive range of similar pieces for those customers wishing to recreate and emulate a stylish festival outfit. Check out our cold-shoulder tops in a spectrum of different shades and hues to meet the fashion needs of many this summer, available online today at the Europa Fashions website.

Given the indisputable popularity of festivals over recent years, they have become an hub for showcasing your fashion status and knowhow, so it’s important to offer your wide ranging customer base an equally broad collection of pieces, from soft sultry numbers such as the Sequin Shoulder Swirl Tunic Top, to a cutting edge, high fashion look like the Shoulder Stripe Cotton Collared Camouflage T-shirt. This retro look is available in two different nuanced options, either with a rich red striped shoulder, or give your customers the option of going for a bold contrast with blue, a truly innovative fashion move this summer, trusted by all the top designers in street wear this Spring Summer 2018 season.

Don’t miss out on the goldmine of festival shopping this season, and get all the looks for all your customers from our boutique collection at Europa Fashions.